Thursday, April 25, 2013

Old man and the sea Ernest Hemmingway Scribner paperback fiction 1952 Fiction A Fisherman’s Voyage This story is about a fisherman who was without fish for 84 days. He set out to get some fish. He had a 3 day journey to get to the marlin. Once he caught the marlin he attached it to his boat and he tried to bring it to shore but there were sharks and they tried to get the marlin. “I wish I had a boy. To help me and to see this.” I agree with this quote because everyone needs a partner and someone to help them in their journeys. “And pain does matter to man.” This writing style is strong and meaningful to say and get a message across. This book is like the hunger games because it has fighting when the old man fights off the sharks to keep his marlin. The hunger games katniss fights off Cato to keep peeta alive. I do not agree with this quote. To me when you say that someone was destroyed that means they were affected. You cannot be destroyed and not be defeated because it means the same thing. I really don’t have anything to compare it with in my life. I have nothing that would compare to this story. I would rate this book a 2 because I really did not like it. I found that the book was boring and that I was waiting for it to get better but it never did. I am not the fishing type of person so this type of book really did not people to me.


  1. 1. I agree with you about how this book is not for people that do not like to fish.
    2. I wonder why they had to make it so fishy when they should have made it more life style of the old man.
    3. I agree how you think it is like the Hunger Games i said that as well.
    4. I wonder what would happen if the sharks never got the fish?
    5. What did you rate this book?

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  3. Good summary of the book. I didn't enjoy it either and the rating is also accurate.

  4. 1. I agree with your opinion of the book.
    2. I discovered that you didnt like the book.
    3. I found myself wondering what i thought of the book.
    4.I can relate to this beacuse i didnt like the book either.
    5.i was reminded that i shouldve re read this book again to fully understand it./

  5. 1. i agree with you about how the books isn't for people who don't like fishing.
    2. i wonder why they made it just about the old man fishing.
    3. i agree with you on not liking the book, i felt the same way.
    4. i wonder what would happen if the old man died out at sea.
    5. how would you feel i the story was a bit different.

  6. I agree with your amazon quote and and your relation to the Hunger Games Both of the characters have so much to prove and so much to loose for not doing well.

  7. i agree with your quote
    i wonder why people like fishing
    i didn't think the book was that bad
    i wonder what would have happened if the merlin made it back to shore with him