Thursday, April 25, 2013

Old man and the sea Ernest Hemmingway Scribner paperback fiction 1952 Fiction A Fisherman’s Voyage This story is about a fisherman who was without fish for 84 days. He set out to get some fish. He had a 3 day journey to get to the marlin. Once he caught the marlin he attached it to his boat and he tried to bring it to shore but there were sharks and they tried to get the marlin. “I wish I had a boy. To help me and to see this.” I agree with this quote because everyone needs a partner and someone to help them in their journeys. “And pain does matter to man.” This writing style is strong and meaningful to say and get a message across. This book is like the hunger games because it has fighting when the old man fights off the sharks to keep his marlin. The hunger games katniss fights off Cato to keep peeta alive. I do not agree with this quote. To me when you say that someone was destroyed that means they were affected. You cannot be destroyed and not be defeated because it means the same thing. I really don’t have anything to compare it with in my life. I have nothing that would compare to this story. I would rate this book a 2 because I really did not like it. I found that the book was boring and that I was waiting for it to get better but it never did. I am not the fishing type of person so this type of book really did not people to me.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


It’s the day the big day. Early morning 6 am. It’s a Saturday. Cayleigh hasjust woken up. She is tired and barely responsive. She hears her phone buzz. Sheimmediately opens her text. It’s from her best friend Lexi. Cayleigh was veryhappy that her best friend texted her. As cayleigh and Lexi got ready they textedback and forth. Soon it was time to leave. They meet up at the high school. Thiswas a very important day for both of the girls.They were traveling to Florida with their cheer squad to go to the semifinals. Their goal for this trip to Florida is to beat their arch rivals the Ludlowlions. As they loaded onto the bus to go to the bus cayleigh had realized that sheforgot her knee brace. She figured that it would be fine and she could dealwithout it. The bus ride was a total of 2 hours. Once the team had arrived at theairport it took what seemed like forever to get through security and to make it tothe actual plane. Cayleigh and Lexi sat on the plane together and we're thrilledabout going. They talked about cheer the entire plane ride. Their longestconversation was about their cheer idols. Cayleigh’s idol is Jamie andreas lexi’sidol is Natalie soler. The plane ride was 4 hours long.The girls loaded off very anxious and excited. They headed for the hotel. It was avery nice and clean hotel. It was 4 girls to room. Of course the best friends Lexiand cayleigh were in a room together. The other two girls that joined them werekarley and Kate. They unpacked their luggage and headed down go the pool forsome fun before practice. After they enjoyed the pool they were exashted.All the girls went right to bed and slept till there 6 am practice. When the teamarrived to the gym they had 1 hour to perfect everything because each teamneeded to practice. They got right to work. They did the routine 3 times through.The girls felt reedy. They then had the day to themselves to do what they wantedas long s it was in the hotel or the gym. Cayleigh karley Lexi and Kate heeded up to their room to hangout. The girls had ablast. They did their nails played card games watched moves eat junk food andalso took lots of pictures. That night the team went out for dinner. They went to avery fancy place that the hotel had recommended. All of them enjoyed it much.They were in the hotel by 8 and there coach sent them all to their rooms and saidlights out by 9. It was reassonable time for them all seeing as it was a big day thenext day also that they were getting up at 5 am. Beep there alarm went off. The girls sprung out of bed and into their warm ups.The team meets up in the lobby. As they made their way to the bus the girls werejumping with enthusiasm. They pulled into the parking lot a stopped at the door.The team loaded off the bus holding hands and nervous. The tigers walked intothe school building. There locker room was 2 doors down to the right. There archrivals were already in there changing to go down to the warm up mats. All thegirls politely said hello and walked past each other.The tigers dropped their stuff and ran o the warm up center. After warm upscoach said a few words or encouragement. She also said to stick together and torespect the other teams and behave. The girls watched as the other teamspreformed. Each and every one hit their stunts. This was a very big competionand the girls knew it.Kate karley Lexi and cayleigh went back to the locker room to grab some waterand a snack. After that it was time they headed to the area that the team wasmeting up in. once the whole team was there it was time to get in line to perform.Ludlow was right behind us in line. Secretly cayleigh was happy they were behindthem because they maybe we could sike them out and make them scared toperform agaist us. Waconna went before them and the tigers were on deck.The waiting area was quiet and the team had a pump up talk. The time came forthe tigers to perform. They took the mats. The cheer was going and the crowdwas roaring. Cayleigh and Lexi locked eyes for a moment on the way to thepyrimid and they knew it was all or nothing. As they through Sam up me thatrelease move they knew it was going to hit. Next was tumbling Lexi through herback handspring then Morgan then gabby and before up knew t cayleigh wastaking off round off back handspring layout. As cayleigh came down from herlayout she felt a pop. Her knee was out of place but she couldn’t surrender shekept running while she was crying in pain. Her stunt group has asked what happen but she didn’t care. Throwing her up inthe basket toss. The dance was last and most of cayleighs moves were on theground. They finished the routine and Lexi ran to cayleigh as fast as she could.Cayleigh was bawling her eyes out. Her knee was completely shifted. They movedher off the mat for the next performance and cayleigh was taken care of. Sheeffused to go to the hospital she knew she needs to stay with her team. Theywrapped it up and gave her some crutches. She knew she had just saved herteam from losing but she had no clue if it would bet Ludlow.The awards came and the girls were so scared. It came down o division 2 whichthe tigers and Ludlow were in. they announce 3e place and t went to waconnaregional high school. Then the room want silent the tigers griped each othereshands firmly a held onto each other tightly. The man announced in second placenot advancing to the finals… Ludlow high school the girls from Ludlow werecrying and very sad and disappointed but they tired there hardest the tigers knewthey had done it they had beat Ludlow but they couldn’t show emotion until theywere announced.Once more the room was silent he said first place with a bid to finals is the SouthHadley tigers. The girls got up screaming in excitement. They had done it cayleighsaved the team. The headed back to ht hotel and cayleigh got cheeked out. Herknee was popped out of place and they popped it back in. She was fine. She andLexi enjoyed the plane ride home together and they did was great. They wenthome exhausted tired and most of all proud. Cayleigh knew that she has just facethe toughest challenge of all.By: Lexi Bogalhas

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Greys Anatomy & Memories There are many things that are important to me in life. its hard to narrow it down to 2 things that really stand out to me. some stuff is free some stuff is not. You may think it is hard to think of some items that are valuable that you don't pay for these days. I came up with 10 items. they were all valuable to me in different ways. it was hard to narrow it down but i did eventually. my item can me up with was memories. I have a lot of things in value to me that i've had to pay for or hd a purchase involved. i also like the other one came up with 10. Once again it was hard to narrow down. I found that it was a bit easier though only because this item stood out to me much more. this was like a no brainer for me. its my number one obsession Grey’s Anatomy. My first item is memories. I have so many great memories. I can't pick just one to stick with. Had no clue at first of what to do for this or what memories to choose. My life is great and full of memories. I have so many great days and times that it would be impossible to just pick one. So i'm going to pick a few memories and summarize them up. My family and friends are huge part of my memories. My memories make me who i am and make my my life what it is. I'm not sure that if i did not have my memories i could live. Memories are fun to think about and to flash back on what the lead up to the the present time. one of the memories i choose to do is the time i went to maine with my best friend libby. Our parents took us as a 8th grade graduation present. it was so fun especially getting to share it with my best friend. We had a blast and our hotel was right on the beach. We had the most beautiful view. Another memory that means alot to me was the first time i ever went to camp Bonnie Brae. It ment alot because it enjoyed it so much that i keep going every year. This will be my 9th year going. i go every summer wit my friends and it is a overnight camp for either 1 week or 2 weeks depending on the program you choose. I usually do 3 sessions so it adds to 4-5 wes in the end. I have a blast every time. My last memory that i am going to talk about is my first communion. this memory is imortration because all my family came to support me. Also they all felt as though i was growing up and they were all hpp to be there. Another reason is that it ment alot to me and it was great for all my mom did for me for it. My second item is Grey’s Anatomy. I don't think that i could live without Grey’s Anatomy. it’s pretty much my life. I love it’s much. I’m really not sure what it is about it that that makes me love it so much. Grey’s Anatomy is a doctor show about romance and the culture of doctors. It’s a very good show to me. It’s one of my obsessions.Grey’s Anatomy to most people is boring but i have no clue why i love it. It means alot to me because it can always be there when i want it and it always makes me happy. My items are both similar because i can't live without either of them. They're both important to me and they both make me happy. They really have no similarities at all but i can compare them to what they do for me and thats similar because they are both valuable to me. Grey’s Anatomy and memories both have parts of each other in them. There are memories by people in it Grey’s Anatomy and there are greys anatomy episodes that i have memories about whether i was alone or with friends and family to watch it also i have a lot of Grey’s Anatomy stuff that i have memories of getting. They both mean alot to me. There are many differences between these two. To start one costs money the other does not cost money. They don't have the same concept as each other. Both of these have different meanings to me. I feel differently about each one. They may be both valuable to me but Grey’s Anatomy is more important to me thn memories. There not equally important. Grey’s Anatomy is not rea and memories are real they have happened but Grey’s Anatomy is a story line and never actually happened. Those two items mean the world to me and have much value and respect from me. I'm not sure how my life would be without them and what would replace them if i did not have them. I find value to be something close to you that you cherish and love a lot and enjoy having around you all the time. Value is how you think and treat something and if you appreciate and respect it. If not its not value in my opinion.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chaching Mockingjays
In the large area of North America there is a place of the name Panam. It has a capital and 13 districts. what you don't know is how this land works. The recaps of the life they have had is a very crucial thing. they have a hard past and most of them will never know what will happen to them or there love ones. Many rebellions and more to come. The only place to look is forward and its not even certain that its safe.
Theres Katniss and where theres Gale and when theres Gale theres always gonna be Prim, when theres Prim well there will always be Katniss, oh and when theres Katniss no doubt about that Peeta, so protective of his Katniss. This was before, before Pirm died. There now only lives Katniss Peeta and their children gale pops up now and then but never like he did when him and Katniss were kids, best friends, all eachother had outside of their families. They were young, foolish, and most of all in love. Until the games came and ruined it all.
All Katniss could think about on this gloomy day in her awful home in Panam is one day somehow some way, Peeta will forget her, the kids, and where they stand in life. That one day just something will go wrong and poof everything will be gone. Its not that hard in Panam to make that happen. There are many things that could go wrong Panam could be gone completely and there could be no more anyone, the kids could be a tribute in the hunger games, peeta could forget again, and much more and worse things.
It was the night before the reaping and Katniss and Peeta were very scared and concerned about their kids being picked to be in the next games. They sat down with them and they had a conversation about the games that they had been in but the kids only payed close attention to the second one because it was more intense and it was a quarter quill. The kids sat up tall and bright and were ready to listen close. They explained everything about Beatte and how he was helping and Finnick. Peeta carefully explained how they used the wire and how the arena was a clock and the lightning hit. They told of how every hour was a new horror.
After that they then explained about the how when they got back there was no district 12 it was gone within a blink of an eye. They said lots about who would have been they aunt Primrose. how she was a lovely young lady and who she would have become if she had the chance to grow up completely. After that moment of speaking katniss had to excuse herself for she was crying much too hard to let her children see. While Katniss took a moment to herself Peeta went on about lots of survival skills they knew and had learned from haymitch. They then got back to the story. This time they began with their dear friend Gale and who he was. This was the first time katniss had spoken about in in a very long time she got teary eyed but not nearly as much as what had happen when Prim was brought up.
The bright sun came up, the dew fell away. It was reaping day. The children were far too frightened to remember what Katniss and Peeta had told they all they could say was be strong. Like Katniss once said to Prim... your name has only been in there once they're not going to pick you. To Katniss that statement completely meant nothing at all. She said that to Prim on the day of the reaping nearly 10 years ago yet somehow some way Effie Trinket's fingers managed to grab Primrose Everdeen name right out of the tribute bowl for district 12’s annual 74 Hunger Games.
It was time. Time for the dreaded reaping as peeta katniss and their children walked up there Effie was standing up on the stage all elegant as usual. There was something something not right about her , this, everything there was something not right in the air. Effie Trinket stood up very straight and tall and had what seemed to be a frog in her throat. She was teary eyed as she spoke not one smile or crack of excitement came from herself. That was so unusual of her. Effie began to explain how the decided to move up the quarter quill because of all the uprisings and this quarter quill was the most crucial of them all. This was the early 100 annual Hunger Games in Panam. Effies word went to a blur as Katniss and Peeta listened. Effie had said that all of the victors children must go into the games. This year there will be a total of 63 tributes in the game competing to be the victors of the 100 annual Hunger Games. This brought back many flash backs to Katniss of the 75 Hunger Games when her and Peeta were sucked back in. Katniss was screaming and crying. Peeta holding her back grabbing her so tightly that she had claw marks on her sides and arms.
Katniss had a lovely dream in her sleep it was her and Gale in the meadow happily married as could be Prim was alive and there were no children involved just as Katniss wanted it. All of a sudden she woke up and Peeta was there holding her hand and as she tried to sit up choked out of her mouth where are the kids. Petta gently replied in the games. Katniss without thinking screamed again and was upset she would never see her kids again and passed out. This was the end of her life Peeta thought to himself there is no possible way she can move on.
The End.
By: Lexi Bogalhas